Portfolio Plus solution provides more functionality to allow you to easily create and manage Programs and Portfolios in Microsoft Project Online!

Portfolio Plus is a great addition to Project Online. It extends the out of the box capabilities by providing you and your organization with discrete portfolio and program capabilities include 9 portfolio dashboards.


Portfolio Plus Command Center

Use the Program and Portfolio Command Center to manage and monitor Budgets, Resource Plans, Project Schedules, Risks, Issues, and Changes from a single location.  Gain visibility into your portfolio with the click of a button.

Portfolio Plus Reports and Dashboards

Portfolio Plus includes 9 dashboards to give you across the board visibility into your portfolio and its projects! Each dashboard provides you and your organization with insight into portfolio financials, effort, issues, risks and overall strategic value!

Why Portfolio Plus?

Portfolio Plus gives you the ability to create discrete Portfolios and Programs in Project Online. Each Portfolio and Program has its own Budget, Resource Plan, Risk, Issues and Change logs, and 9 Reports and Dashboards. It also displays all projects in the portfolio or program with the ability to drill down into each project’s schedule.


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