OnePlan’s Financial Planner for Project Online

Go beyond traditional PPM by integrating top-down project financials to streamline budgeting, improve estimating and track the performance of your investments across programs & portfolios.  Leverage the strength of both top-down and bottoms-up financial planning to ensure project needs are met at each step with proper business planning and controls.


OnePlan’s Financial Planner for Project Online seamlessly extends the Microsoft Project Online solution to enable full financial management controls such as financial categorization, scenario modeling, financial roll ups, financial analytics and estimating.  Provide the PMO with financial transparency to streamline budgeting, improve estimating, and properly track the performance of enterprise investments across program and project portfolios. 

Project Financial Planner gives organizations the tools they need to track ROI by giving them the visibility into both project and portfolio expenditure. With Project Financial Planner’s flexible cost category structure, all cost items can be categorized and accounted for to result in more accurate cost plans and cost forecasts. These cost plans can then be tracked throughout execution to provide valuable insight into cost comparisons including planned costs, forecasts and project actuals. Project Financial Planner aids organizations in greater cost transparency, project control and overall portfolio health.

Improve Project Profitability with Project Financial Management

Drive Efficiency

Reduce reliance on spreadsheets or manual processes and improve management of initiatives and projects.  Integrate with existing financial applications leveraging OneConnect.

Gain Confidence

Accurately measure project financials, budgets, and ROI to stay on track with key performance metrics.  Provide visibility into a centralized organization-wide view of project & portfolio financials.

Meet Expectations

Integrate project planning with financial planning & forecasting to meet project objectives and stakeholder expectations


Project & Portfolio Financial Management

The Project Financial Planner provides top-down financial management for all your strategic projects.  Track budget, forecast, actuals, benefits as well as defining your own custom cost types.  Track costs by capital, expense, internal, external, and much more.

End-to-End Capital Budgeting & Financial Planning

Bridge the gap between project management systems and financial planning processes by supporting the complete project financial management lifecycle.   Provide management transparency into the state of spend across the organization including the financial impact of proposed initiatives.  Anticipate how the money you spend will translate into value for the company by connecting spend to both cost center and value delivered.

Project & Portfolio Financial Insights

Discover and visualize your critical project financials in real-time and produce actionable facts for better decision making in a fraction of the time.  Analyze your data with compelling, high-value and easily configure executive dashboards & reports through Power BI.  Drill down for interactive views that you can quickly export into Excel or embed a live, interactive view into a PowerPoint presentation.


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